Koval Associates LLC Making People and Profits Soar!
Susan has taken a full time position with IEEE PES and is no longer operating Koval Associates. You may still reach her via the phone number and email listed. Updates about her new position can be found in the Koval Eagle December and May newsletters, click HERE to access.

Koval Associates LLC is dedicated to helping small business owners achieve the changes needed to make their businesses soar! Do you need help with:

  • Planning - setting clear goals with action steps and deadlines?
  • People - hiring and developing motivated, productive employees who work well together?
  • Processes - streamlining and standardizing procedures to make daily operations easier and more effective?
  • Promotion - marketing and customer service strategies that attract new customers and keep existing ones coming back?

Improvements in the "4 P's" listed above ultimately lead to increase in the fifth "P" (Profits) - which benefits employees and customers as well as the business and its owner!

Our Vision

To teach, inspire, and assist people to experience enjoyment, fulfillment, and personal growth in their work while contributing to the success of themselves and their employers.

Mikey is our Company Mascot and Office Organizer.

Whenever we need something, he's right on top of it!